The Indian Army showcased a new tank concept named Atharva in Lucknow. This tank, developed jointly by DRDO and the Indian Army, merges the older T72 Tank hull with the more adaptable T90 turret, creating a unique and practical weapon system.

Currently, the Indian Army has over 2000 T72 Tanks, but upgrading them beyond a certain level was challenging due to limitations with the T72 turret. Atharva addresses this by combining the T90 Bhishma’s advanced turret with the durable T72 hull, creating a tank that blends the best of both models.

Weighing 45.8 tonnes, Atharva is slightly lighter than the T90 but a bit heavier than the T72. It retains the T72’s engine power of 780 HP, maintaining a good balance between weight and performance.

While Atharva’s ability to navigate steep gradients is slightly lower compared to the individual T90 and T72 tanks, its firepower and tactical capabilities have significantly improved. Atharva can now fire Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, operate an Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun, and enable commander firing, enhancing its combat versatility.

This innovation represents a practical approach to maximizing existing resources. Atharva showcases India’s effort to create a more adaptable and potent military asset by combining the strengths of familiar tank models.

Atharva’s fusion of the T72 hull with the advanced T90 turret not only enhances India’s armored capabilities but also sets an example for creative integration in defense technology, promising a more formidable force on the battlefield.

In summary, Atharva marks a significant step in India’s defense innovation, demonstrating the country’s ability to adapt and optimize resources to meet modern warfare challenges effectively.

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