The “Desi” Nano Drone

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-Bhagavan Hindustani

Drones are the future of aerial warfare and most countries have recognized the importance of drones. The drone which we are looking at today has been made by a company named Raphe Mphibr Pvt. Ltd based, out of Chandigarh. The name of the drone is SHORT and has the longest flight time in the category as claimed by the company.

We all know that drones are the new rage in the aviation industry and every other country wants to have drones in their arsenal. We have successfully seen the deployment and use of drones in various scenarios across the world. United States Army has killed an Iranian major using armed drones in January 2020. We all know the decisive role the drones played in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia and how it helped Azerbaijan bring Armenia to its knees with the help of Bayraktar supplied by Turkey.

Drones are not new to the battlefield. They are used by every major power around the world. For example, the US has the famous Predator drones which are armed and can be used for unmanned strike missions. Israel makes the famous Heron drone, Turkey makes Bayraktar, and even India isn’t new to the drones. India has a lot of drone programs namely Rustom, Rustom-II, Nishant etc. All these drones are in different stages of development. The famous one which came to the limelight recently was the Ghatak stealth drone and it’s a scaled-down version, the SwiFT. Apart from bombing missions, these drones can also be used for reconnaissance missions and for these missions; drones can be sent far deep into the enemy territory without risking the precious lives of the pilots.

Drones that carry reconnaissance missions have some limitations. They cannot be too large as they need to be stealthy and shouldn’t show up on the radar. They need to carry high resolution cameras with good flight times and ranges. They should be able to operate at night too and in varied temperature zones.

Since the time GOI has started the “START-UP INDIA” campaign, a lot of new drone makers have emerged and started to make different kinds of drones that cater to different needs of the armed forces. With the recent ban on drone imports, GOI wants to fulfill the needs of drones for armed forces with indigenous options. So in this article, we will look at one such indigenous company which makes nano drones for reconnaissance purposes.

Notice the camera lens cover for size reference
Flight time50 minutes
RangeUp to 30 Km
Day Camera resolution1080p with 10X zoom
Night camera resolution640p with 4X zoom
Operational altitudeUp to 18000 feet
Temperature sustainability-25
Wind speed resistance22 knots

This drone was actually made in response to an RFI that required fabricating a customized nano drone by GOI. The drone needed to be 21 centimeters, should weigh less than 510 grams, with a minimum of 15 minutes of flight time and a arrange of 800 meters. It should also be able to take videos at 720p resolution and should be controlled by a ground remote manual.

It is to be seen whether the drone will be able to win the RFI or not but it is really interesting and encouraging to see Indian companies making big strides in this segment of the aviation industry.

– Bhagavan Hindustani ( Alpha Defense )

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