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The year 2020 has been very eventful right since January. We had seen Amazon and Australian forest fires, the Covid-19 outbreak, and now growing tensions between many countries. Here, we are going to discuss, should India recognize Taiwan as a country amid the standoff with China?

“It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war.” – John F. Kennedy

Former US President John F. Kennedy was certainly right that we can secure peace only by preparing for war. The same is happening right now at the Indo-China Border. Both country’s army is on the eyeball to eyeball position with fully mobilized defense equipment at the border.

In April 2020; the Chinese People’s Liberation Army started claiming the Indian side of land near LAC. Line of Actual Control is not defined properly for both the side and due to the difference in perception of LAC, it was common for both the army to indulge in some kind of dispute. But in April this year, the difference of perception soon became a long-standing standoff.

Even worse, for the first time after many decades, the report of 20 martyr Indian soldiers came into the picture after the bloody melee happened in Galwan Valley in June. The unconfirmed report also told that there is also a loss on the Chinese side of somewhere around 40 to 80 personnel.

This news shook the whole world as a whole. News of two nuclear powered Asian giants clashing each other at Border is itself a very big event. Nearly every agreement signed between the Republic of India and the People’s Republic of China was violated, even the use of arms at the border when both claimed that the other side fired warning shots in September.

Boycotting and Banning of Chinese goods started all around India. The government of India banned more than 100 Chinese apps including Tiktok and Tencent’s PubG. On the other hand, growing voices in support of Taiwan (Republic of China) heard loud around India.

Taiwan is like China’s most controversial part. So can India teach China a very harsh lesson by indulging in their Internal affairs?

What holding back the countries around the world to recognize Taiwan as an independent state?

History is very long. But most shortly and simply we can put this is that in a very big civil war between Communist supporters and Democracy supporters, the CPC (Communist Party of China) captured mainland China (now PRC) and Democracy supporters fled to an island (now Taiwan). Then PRC put the condition of One China Policy which the majority countries followed in which they supported PRC as a real China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) only having 15 countries in their support as of now.

India also recognizes PRC over Taiwan, as it follows the One China Policy. To recognize Taiwan is by default not an easy thing to do even if there is an Indo-China war happening. You have to be careful about many factors. It is not the first time that Countries recognize others after many years of their existence.

The most current example is the recognition of Israel by the U.A.E. and Bahrain. But recognizing Taiwan is a whole different story. You have first put your national interests above emotions. As there are many factors, we will be discussing one by one.

US factor

The United State of America under Donald Trump has seen many events. Pres. Trump has been very anti-China recently. Especially because of the mishandling of the Coronavirus Outbreak by China. Not only that, but he also did Trade war with China and now the USA had deployed two Aircraft carriers in the South China Sea.

It remains unclear, if India does take the initiative of recognizing Taiwan then the USA under Donald Trump will support and follow the same move to provoke China? Another aspect is the US will go into an election in November and thus any step may have repercussions, if Donald Trun could not defend his chair.

2020 is a very crucial year for the USA. By the end of the year, Americans will decide if they want Mr. Trump at White House or Joe Biden. According to many political experts, Joe Biden’s Party is kind of soft on China’s matter. And in the Indian context, Joe Biden is a little bit not good for India’s foreign policy. Already Biden’s party expressed concern over the controversial CAA and Article 370 revoke matter.

That’s why the thought of violating One China Policy now is certainly not in India’s favor until the results of the US election.    

Supply-chain Complexity

We can’t deny that till now India depends on China for several things. India imports several critical things from China like Auto parts, electronics, APIs, etc. Most important among them is APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), which India’s Pharma sectors heavily depend on. And everyone knows what is the situation of Electronics imports.

Indian Government has started taking initiative to become less dependent on China by launching several programs. An initiative like Aatmnirbhar Bharat and Make in India can make India self-reliant in several sectors. But what bitter truth is that it will take time, maybe 5 to 10 years at least. Till then we cannot expect any big step until India has some kind of backup option.

So What we can expect?

One thing we have to realize first is that going for war with China is not good for either side. But, it is also not deniable that PRC is trying to provoke India. Although there is high alert at the border, and two countries are on the verge of war; it is still not feasible for India to be against One China Policy at least for now.

There is a saying-

When problems are staring at you like a lion then it will be better to ignore barking dogs behind. 

One thing to notice that China abled to engage in so many fronts just because of their economic might. If PRC hadn’t become one of the world’s largest economy then this situation will be not happening from the beginning. It is at least true that Money(GDP) Speaks in Diplomacy.

By seeing the Government of India strategy, we can guess that the Indian Government is trying to avoid the war for now by keeping diplomatic channels on. And after 5 to 10 years we can expect something big from India- as big as recognizing Taiwan as an Independent country.

If that not the case, then definitely India will give a permanent reply to China very soon. But at the cost of Economic loss that will take years to recover. Also, India will open its embassy in Taipei after the war.

In both cases, there is a big hope for Taiwan. Let’s see, Who knows what’s coming next from Prime Minister’s Office?

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5 thoughts on “Should India recognize Taiwan as an Independent State amid Standoff?”
  1. Yess it’s true that we have lot to achieve and we are moving towards it certainly we’ll see some changes in upcoming years but till then can’t guess or predict anything about our next move ,we should manage our backup and give china proper reply if they challenge India’s sovereignty and integrity
    Jai hind 🇮🇳

    1. We have gained lot of strategic points near and around pangong tso but our biggest concern is Depsang plains where China has encroached more than 800-900sq kms . Depsang is a point of concern because sitting over there China can oversee DSDBO road and Bottleneck area which can be crucial for India’s logistics and may affect even Siachen.

  2. It is beyond doubt that the CCP is an illegitimate, anti social and anti human organisation. They have no place in civilized society. Taiwan is infinitely a better social system. WE SHOULD RECOGNISE TAIWAN WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY.

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