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The Standoff Anti-Tank Missile (SANT) is all set to enter limited series production for user trials with the Army. This new missile is an improved variant of SANT that was already tested successfully. With an enhanced Millimeter Wave Seeker Mk2, SANT can offer much longer engagement range and improved propulsion. Here are some key features of this advanced missile:

Improvements in SANT

Extended Range

The earlier version of the missile had a range of around 8 km. However, the upgraded variant can cover at least double the distance. The system will have improved propulsion and seeker, which can provide greater accuracy and precision during engagements.

Long-Range Capabilities

SANT missile has a range between 15 to 20 km, making it one of the best airborne anti-armour guided missiles in the world. Unlike other missiles of this class, it can destroy targets from a long-range. The missile is equipped with a nose-mounted active radar seeker, which enables the launch platform to be located at a safe distance from the target area.

Lock-On Before Launch Capabilities

The missile will have both Lock-on After Launch and Lock-on Before Launch capabilities. This means that the missile can lock onto its target either before or after it is launched. This feature provides greater flexibility and adaptability in a variety of combat situations.

Successful Test Launches

During the test last December, the SANT missile was launched from a Mi-35 helicopter (Russian helicopter) gunship. The missile hit the target precisely and performed extremely complex maneuvers. This successful test launch has further increased the confidence of the missile developers and the armed forces.

Best in Class

As per the officials associated with the missile, SANT is one of the best airborne anti-armour guided missiles in the world in the category of Spike NLOS. With the improved seeker and extended range, SANT is set to revolutionize airborne warfare.

In conclusion, the Standoff Anti-Tank Missile (SANT) is an advanced weapon system that will play a crucial role in modern airborne warfare. The limited series production of SANT is specifically for user trials with the Army, which demonstrates the military’s interest in the missile. With its extended range, lock-on capabilities, and improved seeker, the missile offers greater flexibility and adaptability in a variety of combat situations. The successful test launches and the endorsement by officials have further reinforced the belief that SANT is one of the best anti-armour guided missiles in the world. The introduction of SANT into user trials will strengthen the defense capabilities of the armed forces and provide them with a significant edge over the enemy.

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