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Is it possible to completely defeat Pakistan in a military conflict without allowing them time to go nuclear? What should India do to defeat Pakistan with minimum nuclear risk?

Consider first scenario – Launch on New Delhi

Possible Pakistani key nuclear areas of interest.

This will only result into a full fedged nuclear war and given the relatively small landmass of Pakistan, they would be decimated within a few strikes although India would also have a few cities burning. Notice how close placed are Pakistan’s nuclear enrichment and weaponisation centers namely Wah, Golra Sharif, Sihala, Kahuta, Rawalpindi and next lies capital Islamabad. A vulnerable stretch where there is weapons grade uranium stored. A couple of Indian strikes and Pakistan would lose their major weaponisation and enrichment centers. One strike on Karachi and Pakistan’s oil supplies and power supply is cut.

Consider second scenario – Launch on Offensive

Do note that the offense by India is now on PoK which Pakistan claims to be theirs. In such a situation will Pakistan fire nuclear weapons on their own state and their own people just for approximately 13500 sq km area of land. The idea is to cause dilemma in Pakistani leadership.

Let us assume following cases now.

  1. Pakistan launches strikes on offense within PoK
  2. Pakistan launches strikes on Indian cities (covered in first scenario)
  3. Pakistan restrains but sends as much troops and terrorists as possible

Case 1

As per case 1, Pakistan launching strikes within PoK would be disastrous for them, because they will facing wrath of people from everywhere. The question Pakistan needs to ask themselves is ‘Are they ready to cause irreparable damage to their citizens just to defend 13500 sq km of land which isn’t theirs legally?’

Not to mention the international pressure that would follow eventually blowing things way beyond control.

Case 2 has been covered up in first scenario

Case 3

As per case 3, Pakistan restraining will mean they will have to confront Indian Army in conventional warfare using the proxy terrorists as well. Well one thing to note is counter terrorism operations are different and full fledged wars are different. A fully fledged war wouldn’t have any sort of precautionary measures from Indian Army as is done during a counter terrorism operation.

And given the huge size of the Indian Army combined with the reserves, the BSF, other Paramilitary and Police, Pakistan is staring at a force that is more than 3 to 4 times theirs + terrorists. And if one were to add even civilians, then we all know it’s a numbers game and in whose favor that works.

That being said, it is also worth adding that another Operation Trident is very much possible given the size of the Indian Navy with 2 aircraft carriers of which 1 would be enough to start an invasion from Karachi.

Operation Trident: When Karachi burned for seven days, historical victory  of Indian navy over Pakistan
Karachi Port burning post Operation Trident

Ofcourse in current conditions, such wars would involve huge diplomatic pressure unless US/Russia/China and EU see any sort of benefit to their interests and would take sides.

I hope I have been comprehensive and realistic enough. We shall provide answers in different prespectives should any of our other contributors have a different point of opinion.

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  1. Sir ,I want to know that we are buying many defence equipment from various countries ,could they are implanting some tracking device or radio on it.on plane like p8i or c17 or else they are using so many implants devices.

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