The government of India released a “Negative list of 101 items” last year, that were barred for import. This year the same list is called “Positive List”, this shows the change in perception in Ministry of Defense (MoD). This year’s list has 108 items as listed below.


  1. Helicopter with All Up Weight (AUW) < 3.5Ton (Single Engine Land Variant)
  2. Wheeled Armoured Platform (WhAP) – CBRN
  3. Next Generation Corvette
  4. Mission System for Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) System
  5. Mini UAV for Surveillance ( Fixed Wing)
  6. Tank Track Assembly
  7. Tunguska Track Assembly
  8. Light, Medium and Heavy Combat Armoured and/ or Mine Protected Vehicles for Infantry
  9. Helicopter Launched ATGM upto 7 Km
  10. Anti-Torpedo Decoy System for Ships (Mareech)
  11. Remote Control Weapon Stations (7.62MM, 12.7 MM, 30MM, AGL & AGS) for Tanks
  12. Shipborne High Accuracy ELINT system in 0.17 to 40 MHz
  13. Bund Blasting Device
  14. SDR for Combat Ships ( SDR NC)
  15. Border Surveillance System
  16. Shipborne Surface Surveillance Radar (SSR)
  17. Battlefield Surveillance Radar (BFSR) up to 10 KM
  18. Through Wall imaging Radars
  19. Portable Diver Detection Sonar
  20. Sarvatra Kavach
  21. Multi-Functional Display System (MFDS) for Indigenously Produced Aircraft
  22. Counter Mine Flail (CMF) (Land Based)
  23. Instant Fire Detection and Suppression System (IFDSS) for Tanks
  24. Individual Underwater Breathing Apparatus (IUWBA) for Tanks
  25. 10 W Power Amplifier (L Band and X Band) for Tropo Upgradation
  26. 2KW & 4KW Power Amplifiers (L Band) for Tropo Upgradation
  27. LED Based Taxy, Landing & Navigation Lights
  28. Main Switch Board and Power Distribution System for Ships
  29. Steering Gear for Destroyers and Frigates
  30. Alloy DMR 249A grade steel
  31. Alloy DMR 291A
  32. Land Based Medium Power Radar
  33. Armoured Engineer Recce Vehicle ( AERV)
  34. Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle ( ARRV)
  35. Upgraded Integrated Air Command And Control System
  36. Composite Sonar Dome for Ships
  37. Processor-Based Ground Mine (PBGM)
  38. Processor-Based Moored Mine (PBMM)
  39. Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for Shishumar Class Submarines
  40. Submarine Damage Control Fire Fighting and Training Facility (SDCFFTF)
  41. Alternators for Ships (Up to 1.5 MW)
  42. DC Insulation Measuring Instrument for EKM Submarines
  43. High Altitude Water Purification System
  44. Land-Based MRSAM Weapon System
  45. 4×2 Armoured Command Post Vehicle
  46. AC Plant for Submarines
  47. Shipborne Refrigeration Plant for Cold/Cool Room
  48. Shipborne Main Broadcast System
  49. Pilot Parachute PSU-36 Series 4-3 with Retrieved Metal Components for SU-30

With positive Effect from Dec 2022

  1. SCME Clothing
  2. SCME Equipment
  3. Data Network for Ships
  4. Trawl Assembly for Tanks
  5. Upgraded Assault Track way ( UATW)
  6. Thermal Imaging (TI) sight for Small Arms (Aslt Rif, LMG,MMG & RL)
  7. Image Intensifier (II) Sight for Small Arms (Aslt Rif, LMG, & CQB Carbine)
  8. Day Sight for Small arms including Telescopic & Reflex sight (Aslt Rif, LMG & CQB carbine)
  9. Deep search Mine Detectors (for Searching Land Mines, IEDs etc)
  10. Rocket RGB-60 HE with Fuse
  11. Rocket RGB-60 Practice
  12. Rocket RGB-12 HE with Fuse k3m
  13. Rocket RGB-12 Practice
  14. 80 MM Tandem Warhead Rocket
  15. Software Defined Radio (Manpack )
  16. Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment (Land Based)
  17. Pontoon mid-stream Bridging system
  18. Integrated Architecture Display System (IADS) for LCH
  19. Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) for LCH
  20. Solid State Video Recording System (SSVRS)
  21. Armoured Dozor

With Effect from Dec 2023

  1. Upper Air Sounding System (UASS)
  2. Software Defined Radio (Hand Held )
  3. Mountain Weapon Locating Radar (AESA Based)
  4. Transportable Ku- band Tropscatter Communication
  5. Smart Anti Airfield Weapon (SAAW) Mk-I
  6. GPS & GIS Based Minefield Recording System (Land Based)
  7. Upgraded 76 mm SRGM
  8. Loitering Munitions up to 50km Range & 25kg Payload
  9. Land Inertial Navigation System (Smerch)
  10. Multi Station Ship Handling Simulator (MSSHS)
  11. Laser Ordnance Disposal System
  12. Video Processing Card for Su-30
  13. Inflatable Aircraft Decoys
  14. Ship Borne 1 KW High Frequency Trans-receiver
  15. IFF MK XII-S
  16. L 70 Integrated Air Defence Combat Simulator (IADCS)
  17. Naval Aircraft and Ship Instrumentation (NASI) for SHOL Trials

With positive Effect from Dec 2024

  1. Long Range Glide Bomb (250 Kg & 450 Kg)
  2. 40MM (Multi Grenade Launcher) Ammunition
  3. Limpet Mines (7 Kg & 15 Kg)
  4. General Purpose Bomb (500 kg) for Fighters
  5. 125 Kg General Purpose Bomb (NATO Standard)
  6. Aerial Fuse for Mk-80 Series Bombs
  7. Medium Power Radar for Mountain
  8. Mechanical Mine Layer (Self-Propelled) – (Land Based)
  9. Drop Tank for Jaguar and Mirage Aircraft
  10. Digital Beam Forming based Satellite TV for Ships
  11. D-29 Unified Receiver Exciter Processor (UREP) Based EW Suite
  12. Onboard Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) based integrated Life Support System for Fighter aircraft
  13. Foldable Fibre Mat (FFM) for Runway Rehabilitation

With Effect from Dec 2025

  1. Anti-Material Rifle(AMR) 14.5 MM
  2. 14.5 MM API (Armour Piercing Incendiary) for Anti Material Rifle (AMR)
  3. 1000HP Engine for Tank ( T-72)
  4. Auxiliary Power Unit for T-72/ 90 Tank
  5. Network Centric Operation (NCO) Application for Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  6. Surface Mine Clearance System (Land Based)
  7. Air Data Computer for Trainer Aircraft
  8. Unit Level Target System for Army Air Defence

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  1. I watch alpha defence channel on regular basis since last one and a half years. My days complete with it, finally I can say that your contents are pretty good and needs some more like expert on satrategy and military experts interview.

  2. I am a very big fan of this ‘Alpha Defence’ channel as they give correct and verified information. I’m also very happy to see the second import ban list. Now no one can stop us from becoming Atmanibhar.
    Jai Hind
    Jai Bharat

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