India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas is set to receive two advanced European missiles to enhance its firepower. The missiles in question are the Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) and the Meteor Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile.

Challenges and Solutions for Integration

The integration of these missiles poses some challenges due to the existing radar of the LCA Tejas, which is not sufficient for the Meteor missile. However, the indigenous Uttam radar can easily support the Meteor missile. The Uttam radar is a highly capable and advanced radar system that has over 900 Transmit Receive (TR) modules, making it a formidable radar system.

Uttam radar on LCA Tejas Mk1A

The LCA Mk1A aircraft will receive the more advanced Uttam radar from the 21st serial production unit onwards. With the Uttam radar, the LCA Tejas will have a highly capable radar system that can support advanced missiles like the Meteor.


Tejas Mk1A will have the ELM 2052 radar on the first 20 aircraft and then switch to the indigenous Uttam AESA radar from the 21st aircraft onwards. The ELM 2052 radar is a highly capable and advanced radar system, and its integration into the Tejas Mk1A is expected to significantly enhance the aircraft’s capabilities. The Uttam AESA radar on other hand will offer better capabilities with over 900 TR modules, which will further enhance the aircraft’s capabilities and allow it to support advanced missiles like the Meteor.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is considering acquiring more LCA Tejas Mk1A aircraft, with an improved delivery rate due to the recent inauguration of a third assembly line. This move will strengthen the IAF’s fleet and help achieve self-sufficiency in defense production.

Indigenous BVR Program for Tejas

India’s indigenous Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile program is progressing well, and the LCA Tejas Mk1A will come integrated with the Astra missile. The Astra Mk2 missile will also be integrated into the aircraft, while the Astra Mk3 missile will begin testing later this year. These missiles will further enhance the LCA Tejas’s combat capabilities and provide the IAF with a highly capable indigenous missile system.

The addition of the ASRAAM and Meteor missiles, along with the advanced Uttam radar system, will significantly enhance the LCA Tejas’s combat capabilities. The ongoing development of new variants and advanced weapon systems for the LCA Tejas is a crucial step in enhancing India’s defense capabilities and achieving self-sufficiency in defense production. With the expansion of the LCA Tejas fleet and the integration of indigenous missile systems, the IAF is well-positioned to meet the challenges of modern warfare.

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  1. The IAF made smart decisions regarding Teja’s orders, it seems. It stayed the initial LCA Mk1 order to 40, and proceeded with a much larger order of 80+ LCA Mk1A, as the latter could launch advanced BVR missiles. Another wise decision was to expand manufacturing to 24 planes/year and to place additional LCA Mk1A orders.

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