Artificial Intelligence – Will it be the human race’s last ever creation?

-Bhagavan Hindustani

“The emergence of artificial intelligence is the worst event in the history of human civilization” these were the exact words uttered by the late physicist Sir Stephen Hawking. Ironically enough, it was an AI which gave a voice to him. A lot of scientists re-iterated that artificial intelligence could be the last ever thing that humans will create. Though there are different types of AI available, the self-aware AI which belongs to the type-2 category is which everyone is worried about. According to some scientists, the day we create a type-2 self-aware AI which can write a program on its own, that can be the last day of human race’s independence.

The recent discussion about AI is all because of an AI pilot beating an f-16 pilot outright in a virtual dog fight. DARPA recently organised Alpha Dogfight trails which sought the feasibility of developing effective intelligent and autonomous systems which can beat an adversary in dog fights. The AI which was developed by Heron systems actually beat a couple of AIs before beating a human pilot who wore a VR helmet by a final score of 5-0 which is huge. The pilot in the test had admitted that he wasn’t able to employ the maneuvrability techniques that were adopted by the AI pilot and he also claimed that he has never seen anything similar to that from a human pilot.

This AI technology is so complex to explain but the basic working principle is that the AI processes the visual data on the battle field and then assesses the situation, after assessing the situation the AI takes the decisions on neutralizing the targets on its own. This technology is not new to aviation industry as Auto pilot in passenger aircrafts is also a form of AI and in 2019, a small flight in Austria landed a plane with passengers aboard just by looking at the runway and adjusted the flight parameters on its own. This technology was developed by the teams at Universities Braunschweig and Munich.

Why Self-aware AI is so important?

As we all know that sixth generation aircraft are on their way though not in near future, many countries including US, UK and Europe have already started working on sixth generation platforms. One of the most important criteria for a sixth generation platform is flying unmanned. If we use data links to communicate with the unmanned aircraft, the delay in receiving those commands can be deadly. In order to avoid this situation, companies around the world are developing self-aware AIs to replace the pilots which can assess the situation on their own and take decisions on spot without waiting for the command centre to issue further orders.

            Many countries including Indian use remote controlled drones such as Heron and QF-16. In the gulf war 293 missions were flown via remote controlled drones or UCAVs. Further applications of AI include providing AI to these UCAVs and making them independent. Another way of introducing AI into these UCAVs is by making them autonomous and creating swarms of these UCAVs. This group can then be left independent or can be controlled by a main aircraft with AI aboard.

These AI pilots will definitely make their way into the future drone or other un-manned systems some of which are already under development. The problems with today’s AI systems are the opaque algorithms that make decisions which can’t be explained even by its designers.

            Also a self-aware AI can replace a human pilot thereby minimizing the human life losses on a combat mission. This is one of the most important factors that are driving the agencies like DARPA to develop AIs which can be used as human pilots in the near future. The problem with these kinds of AI is that they can harm the humanity on a whole according to a lot of scientists. We have seen cases where AIs said openly that they will wipe out the humanity from earth. Though this idea seems to be far-fetched, AI seems to be the future of humanity whether we like it or not.

            The only thing our governments can do is to introduce strict regime to create and control the use and penetration of AI and ensuring data security. AI creators should also employ best practises and effective management

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  1. If any type of virus broke down the fireball of AI than the AI will be courpted
    So there should be a secondary security system and in which will write an algorithm that can’t be overighted of self destruct , my question is that can the AI survive in the self destruct

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