About Us

About us, team Alpha Defense

The idea of Alpha Defense is to provide credible and simplified defense information ranging from strategy to weapon technology. Alpha Defense began with two YouTube channels started by Subodh Sharma (whose voice you hear in the videos). Eventually he started a facebook group for defence discussions with some like minded people over facebook.

Eventually, people with similar understanding of defence facts and information started taking active interest in discussions. Since 2018 the group grew in size and still continues to. Members of this group come from various parts of India with a few NRIs as well, all of whom possess expertise in engineering, logistics, software, weapons etc to name a few.

As a group we always strive to provide credible, balanced, and technologically correct information in the following domains:

  • Weapon Technology
  • Defense Strategy
  • Geopolitics and its analysis
  • Defense News
  • Defense Procurement Analysis

One of the premier objectives of this establishment is to make the defense, strategy, and weapon technology-related information so simple that anyone can understand.

We understand the growing nuances of information verification and processing in the contemporary world. Hence we take due diligence before we put out any content to you. Our writers process these information for you without any bias and present it in the most simplified way.

Feeling is mutual

We believe that the support of our readers and followers are very crucial in attaining our objectives as a source of crisp and clear information. We thank you all for all the support and love that you have been showering us with. And we would like to iterate that the feeling is mutual. We hope to continue this relation in the many years to come.

Should our readers expect us to cover something in detail, please feel free to reach out to us on our email mentioned in the Contact Us section.